EV charging station hardware package

21st May 2019
Alex Lynn

One of the newest and most significant trends on our streets today is the growth in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. Because of this OPEC has raised its forecast for the size of the EV fleet in 2040 from 140 million units to 250 million. This near doubling of the predicted market signals a massive opportunity for manufacturers of these EV charging stations.

Essentra Components believed that their expert advice, extensive range, consistent quality and custom solutions can make all the difference.

The fastest Rapid charging stations can charge the vehicle battery in under eight minutes which involves dangerously high voltages and requires surge and override protection to protect the equipment, the vehicle and the users while Cloud connectivity is now an essential requirement to enable smart charging which allows full management of the charger to set preferences and maximise use of self-generated or off-peak energy.

They also need contactless RFID payment systems and an intuitive human machine interface – and of course aesthetics are key to promote a modern look and feel to keep users engaged and attract new users.

Electric Vehicle charging stations have strict requirements that can be addressed through the design and manufacturing process. Domestic or commercial charging stations must be user friendly, easy to install and safe to supply higher voltages than are usually found in the home or office environment. Increasingly found in the street or in shopping outlets, public EV charging stations need weather proof IP ratings and to be vandal resistant so as to prevent damage and public safety issues.

The Essentra Components range addresses many of the issues inherent in EV charge station design and production, such as with cable glands, conduit and clips which ensure smooth assembly to keep wires and cables tidy to reduce the risk of damage from overheating. Gasketing which ensures dust and watertight seals for weather resistance and to reduce radiated emissions.

Components such as anti-corrosion stainless steel concealed hinges provide aesthetics and durability and Nylon fasteners can reduce unwanted electrical conductivity. Aesthetically pleasing swing handles and locks provide high strength security with ergonomic finish and ease of use.

Accessories such as pilot lights and emergency stop buttons prevent incidents and increase confidence of safety, coupled with fan sets, assemblies and other items which provide protection and mounting for small DC and AC fans suitable for pedestal and rapid chargers.

Essentra Components know how electric car charging stations work and supply components for all different types of EV charging stations from electric car home charging stations to smart charging and high voltage rapid charging stations

Essentra Components work with the top 15 global tier-one automotive suppliers, providing the highest standards in service and quality. Their credentials also include working with 70% of the world’s top 100 global manufacturers.

Bob Siegwald, Burgaflex Executive Vice President, said: “From concept to production, Essentra was able to smoothly manage all project requirements to come up with the perfect solution. Essentra was so easy to deal with, providing samples and 3D prototypes throughout the project.”

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