Ecotruck Pooling, the Airbnb for transporting goods

21st March 2016
Jordan Mulcare

There's BlaBlaCar for carpooling, Airbnb for housing rental and now for transporting goods, equipment, moving, and freight, there's... Ecotruck Pooling Ecotruck Pooling, what does this name mean? Translation: ecotruck = green truck and pooling = sharing.

In other words, it is a pooling of means for transportation, logistics or freight all on the same community platform. Pool transport by offering the means to customers: individuals, businesses, professionals to choose what suits their needs. The means of transportation themselves, which accessible from the platform, are offered by professional carriers.

With the Ecotruck Pooling platform, the company uses the same approach known as carpooling (BlaBlaCar or Europe Carpooling), except they're not transporting people, but goods, packages, substances, equipment, materials or furniture…

The link between a need for transportation and transporters is made in real time on the platform. The platform has a multi-approach for searching for a transporter or find a load. But also, for sharing the freight and for sharing the expenses. Whether a carrier, an individual, a business or a professional, they will all be signed up and registered with an account on Ecotruck Pooling.

The company are in the sharing economy, and every need can easily find a custom-fit service whose the solution is uniquely offered by each carrier. This is not only placed on the platform, but it is also stated on the accounts, providing all of the information relating to the transport services provided.

Anything related to transportation, whether for chartering of goods, proposing and reserving space for cargo, consulting a freight exchange, finding or searching for a carrier, or sharing containers for a transport from one continent to another.

Each carrier states its transport activity and any associated services it can offer. For example, for a moving company it may state: disassembly of furniture, supply of equipment (boxes, tape...), packing of belongings, and of course, transportation. Some may simply offer their vehicle to transport simple objects during regular trips...

Whether intending to transport or having the need to transport, the platform provides savings for the latter while offering an economic boost for companies offering their services. However, do not overlook the de facto environmental impact that such a transportation approach has with its promotion of transport optimisation (with maximised usage) combined with route optimisation (reducing the number of trips as well as pollution and energy).

The site www.ecotruck-pooling.comalso has a rating system allowing site members to rate their co-transportation and co-trucking experience by rating the professionalism of the provider and customer.

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