Designing highly efficient, powerful and fast EV charging stations

29th November 2019
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As the number of electric vehicles (EVs) increase, there is a growing need to create more energy-efficient charging infrastructure systems around the world that can charge vehicles faster than ever before. New EVs have higher ranges and larger battery capacities than their predecessors, necessitating the development of fast DC charging solutions to support quick charging requirements.

The DC charging station, according to Combined Charging System (CCS) and CHArge de MOve (CHAdeMO) standards, is a Level-3 charger that can deliver power between 120kW and 240kW. Today, it takes approximately 30 minutes for a 150kW charging station to inject enough charge into an EV for it to travel about 250km.

Designing a single power processing unit to handle such a high amount of power requires complex multilevel topologies that are difficult to control.

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