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UK Government’s five new quantum missions in Autumn Statement

23rd November 2023
Harry Fowle

Quantum Exponential is pleased to note the inclusion of five new quantum missions in Jeremy Hunt’s, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Autumn Statement.

This builds on the Government’s £2.5 billion National Strategy announced earlier in the year and it’s a clear indication of the Government’s support and commitment to make quantum accessible across a range of technologies including sensing, navigation systems, computing, and communications.

You can find out more about the UK’s next 10 years of quantum strategy here.

The five missions outlined below highlight the breadth and reach of quantum technology in what we hope is a driver for greater collaboration and investment from the public and private sectors.

 The five missions are:

  • By 2035, there will be accessible, UK-based quantum computers capable of running 1 trillion operations and supporting applications that provide benefits well in excess of classical supercomputers across key sectors of the economy.
  • By 2035, the UK will have deployed the world’s most advanced quantum network at scale, pioneering the future quantum internet.
  • By 2030, every NHS Trust will benefit from quantum sensing-enabled solutions, helping those with chronic illness live healthier, longer lives through early diagnosis and treatment.
  • By 2030, quantum navigation systems, including clocks, will be deployed on aircraft, providing next-generation accuracy for resilience that is independent of satellite signals.
  • By 2030, mobile, networked quantum sensors will have unlocked new situational awareness capabilities, exploited across critical infrastructure in the transport, telecoms, energy, and defence sectors.

Steven Metcalfe, CEO of Quantum Exponential said: “The inclusion of the five missions’ statements in the Chancellor’s budget indicates a clear commitment by the UK Government to roll out and expand a broad range of quantum technologies across several sectors. The time to invest in these innovative technologies is now, both from a private and public perspective, if we are to deliver on the very ambitious commitments outlined by the Chancellors autumn statement and transform the UK into a global leader in quantum.”

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