Quantum Tech

Mouser journal examines quantum computing

21st June 2024
Mick Elliott

Engineering the Quantum Future is the theme of the newest issue of Mouser Electronics’ Methods technology and solutions journal.

This first issue of volume five, offers a collection of articles that explore quantum computing and the seemingly limitless potential it holds.

Quantum computing uses specialized technology, including computer hardware and algorithms that take advantage of quantum mechanics, to solve complex problems that standard computers or even supercomputers can't solve, very quickly.

The new issue, available with a free subscription, offers a series of perspectives on the pros and cons surrounding quantum, as well as their implications for a variety of industries and applications.

"Quantum computing is on track to be one of the world's most groundbreaking advancements, and its deployment could redefine our technological future," said Kevin Hess, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Mouser Electronics. "Our newest issue of Methods helps readers to understand the changes that quantum computing will bring through the help of added context and deep insights provided by some of the industry's leading experts."

Engineering the Quantum Future features multiple articles on the technological advances and engineering challenges of quantum, including the myriad ethical dilemmas that face developers in this field. The issue also includes a detailed infographic and information about select Amphenol products available from Mouser Electronics.

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