Vicor launches ‘PowerTechtorials’ on CD

21st April 2009
ES Admin
Vicor has launched a new educational initiative for power design engineers which provides support throughout the power systems design process from selecting the optimum architecture to meeting EMI regulations. The first phase, a series of ‘PowerTechtorials’ is now available on CD. Each CD serves as a one-on-one tutorial, containing technical presentations and lab demos, that can be revisited as needed. The tutorials address everyday technical issues and answer real-world questions on power system design topics, providing engineers with practical advice for solving design challenges that arise in a broad range of different applications. In addition, the interactive CD contains useful links to the Internet for easy access to product datasheets, related articles, application notes and more.
Volume 1 contains three videos covering the following topics: ‘Vicor DC-DC Converter Theory Overview’; ‘Improving Output Filtering’ and ‘Input Overvoltage Protection’. Engineers who sign up to receive their free ‘PowerTechtorial’ CD Volume 1 will be able to suggest topics to be covered in future editions and will also have the opportunity to ask presenters a question.

Volume 2 will be available in the second half of the year and will include topics such as ‘Improving EMI filtering’ and ‘Thermal considerations’.

The CDs will also be complimented by further free educational initiatives such as webcasts covering various topics including EMI filtering.

A copy of this CD can be obtained from the Vicor website: www.vicoreurope.com/techtorial1

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