Robust DC-UPS with IP67 and extended temperature range

2nd July 2013
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The new DC-UPS UPSI-2402-IP-CY by Bicker Elektronik has been designed for internal and external use under extreme environmental and temperature conditions. The UPS ensures a reliable DC voltage supply of 24V users in industrial and mobile applications. The high-quality aluminium enclosure contains the entire DC-UPS electronics assembly and extremely durable Cyclon battery packs ensuring a broad operating temperature range from -30 to +70°C. Additionally, the new DC-UPS is dust- and waterproof according to IP67.
The µC-controlled UPSI-2402-IP-CY is designed for 24VDC (22.5 to 30 V) input voltage at 5A. Under normal operating conditions the DC-UPS supplies an output voltage which is 0.5 volts below input voltage. During battery operation the maintenance-free long-life Cyclon type battery cells provide approx. 29…19VDC output voltage. Depending on the connected load, the UPSI-2402-IP-CY allows for bridging times of up to 1.75 hours.

By means of the integrated communication interface and the optionally available UPS management software „RUPS2000-B1“, a connected PC system can then be controlled and shut-down. Should the line voltage return during an already on-going shut-down phase, the reboot function of the UPSI-2402-IP-CY ensures an automatic restart of the PC after ten seconds. Besides a continuous battery monitoring the new DC-UPS is also provided with a load sensor and a timer function for defined shut-down of the DC-UPS.

Operational safety is ensured by numerous safety features such as a drain protection (19VDC ± 2%), an output overload protection (10A for 2 seconds with shut-down) as well as a short-circuit protection. A pressure compensation element with membrane film prevents condensation to accumulate in the sealed aluminium enclosure. Bicker Elektronik provides three years warranty for the long-term available UPSI-2402-IP-CY.

Further technical data for UPSI-2402-IP-CY:

Battery charge current: 0.4 A max. (internal battery charger)
Type of battery: Equipped CYCLON cells, maintenance-free, 12 V / 2.5 Ah
Dimensions (WxDxH): 160 x 258.5 x 85 ±0.5 mm
Weight (net): 2.7 kg

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