Ultracapacitors Meet Efficiency And Durability Requirements Of Automotive And Transportation Industries

7th March 2006
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Maxwell Technologies is introducing 16 new power-type BOOSTCAP(R) ultracapacitor cells and multi-cell modules specifically designed and constructed for demanding automotive and transportation applications.
Dr. John M. Miller, Maxwell’s vice president for advanced transportation applications, said that the new Power-type cells include the compact, 650-farad, BCAP0650, whose versatility and high performance make ultracapacitors a compelling alternative to battery-based
solutions for all types of hybrid drive systems, idle stop-start, power network stabilization and other applications.

“Automakers are turning to ultracapacitors for solutions that optimize efficiency, ensure reliable cold starting, better manage power flows, stiffen and smoothen the power distribution network and provide fail-safe backup for critical safety systems,” Miller said. “The BCAP0650 and our other Power products will provide the lowest equivalent series resistance
(ESR) and highest efficiency available with current ultracapacitor technology.”

Other new BOOSTCAP Power products include cells ranging in capacitance from 320 to 2,600 farads and 10 fully integrated modules based on the new cells. All of the cells with a capacitance of 650 farads or greater operate at 2.7V, enabling them to store more energy and deliver more power per unit volume than any other commercially available ultracapacitor products.

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