Tiny video driver removes GSM interference

14th March 2006
ES Admin
A highly integrated, single supply video driver from Intersil has an 8 MHz low-pass filter that removes GSM noise from the video band, and also serves as an anti-aliasing filter. The ISL59111 also provides the added benefit of seeing input signals below ground.
These features make it the best choice for space-constrained applications that feature video outputs, or where designers want to add video as a new product feature.

The ISL59111 is housed in a tiny 1mm by 1.5mm chip scale package and integrates an op amp, filter and sync-tip clamp onto a single, compact device that saves board space and reduces the size of the output capacitor to create a lower-profile form factor.

Input is sensed below the ground rail so the device can see the negative sync pulse of a video signal better than any competitive device now available.

The ISL59111 is designed to drive video output on mobile phones and on handheld communications devices such as PDAs and MP3 players. It also is an excellent design choice for digital cameras, to drive video output to a printer or computer.
Key features of the ISL59111 include a low 2mA supply current, (<3 microamps when disabled), operation from a 2.5 to 3.6V supply rail, rail-to-rail output, and the tiny package can be mounted between the pins of a BNC connector.

The ISL59111 is available now in a 1mm by 1.5mm chip scale package.

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