SOT-223 package saves space in low power dissipation design

14th March 2016
Caroline Hayes

Designed as a drop-in replacement for its DPAK package, Infineon offers its CoolMOS CE, high voltage MOSFET in a SOT-23 package. It is, says the company, a cost-effective alternative and offers space savings in some designs with low power dissipation. The SOT-223 package, without middle pin, is compatible with a typical DPAK footprint and can be used as a drop-in replacement and targets designs in LED lighting and mobile charger applications.

Cost reductions are realised with the reduced package size while maintaining compatibility in footprint to the DPAK package. The use of a high voltage CoolMOS in a SOT-223 package allows for a direct pin to pin replacement for DPAK in most designs, confirms the company. Almost no thermal limitations are given when using a DPAK footprint for SOT-223, it says.

The thermal behaviour of CoolMOS in the new package was assessed by placing the SOT-223 on a DPAK footprint. The temperature increased by a maximum of 3°C compared to DPAK.

The CoolMOS comes in 500, 600, 650 and 700V in the SOT-223 package.

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