Silanna Semiconductor announces multi-port design

23rd March 2022
James Anstee

Silanna Semiconductor has announced its first multi-port fast charger reference design. Bringing together the company’s CO2 Smart Power families of advanced ACF controllers and high-frequency DC/DC converters, the AnyPort RD-5 delivers a high-power-density, ultra-efficient, production-ready solution for multi-port 65W USB-PD applications.

Representing the latest addition to Silanna’s growing family of silicon- and GaN-based fast charger reference designs, the RD-5 is an all-silicon solution that will simplify and speed charger development by providing everything an engineer needs to rapidly prototype and test a fully functional 65W 2C unit. The design, which combines Silanna’s SZ1130 fully-integrated AC/DC active clamp flyback (ACF) controller and two of the company’s SZPL3102 DC/DC converters, provides a cased power density of 11.4W/inch3 and operates with an end-to-end peak efficiency in excess of 91.5%. Efficiency is quite flat across the universal input voltage range (90 – 265Vac). Because the design exceeds conducted and radiated EMI requirements by more than 6dB it eliminates the need for pre-production validation and certification, speeding up the production cycle.

“Through its CO2 Smart Power family Silanna offers a range of end-to-end AC/DC and DC/DC technologies that allow designers to develop high-efficiency, high-power-density charging solutions with a low BoM,” says Ahsan Zaman, Silanna Semiconductor’s Director of Product Marketing. “By bringing together these technologies in the RD-5 AnyPort reference design we are providing designers with the fastest possible route from prototyping to full production of fast chargers with any number or type of output ports.”

Silanna’s ultra-high-efficiency SZ1130 ACF controller is rated for powers up to 65W in universal input designs and above 100W in PFC applications. The controller integrates into an ultra-compact 16-pin SOIC package an adaptive digital PWM controller, ultra-high-voltage (UHV) active clamp FET, active clamp gate driver and startup regulator and provides the simplicity of a simple flyback controller with all the benefits of an ACF design. This includes recycling the leakage inductance energy of the flyback transformer and limiting the primary FET drain voltage spike during turn-off events. Employing Silanna Semiconductor’s OptiModeTM digital control architecture, the SZ1130 adjusts the device’s mode of operation on a cycle-by-cycle basis to maintain high efficiency, low EMI, fast dynamic load regulation, and other key power supply parameters in response to varying line voltage and load conditions.

Supplied in a tiny 3mm x 3mm QFN package, the SZPL3102 is a high-voltage, high-efficiency 65W integrated buck converter with a selectable switching frequency up to 2MHz. The device offers a wide input range of 7V to 27V, delivers a maximum output current of 3.25A and has unique features to optimize performance in USB port power supply applications. Extremely low operating power dissipation enables very low no-load power - an important specification for regulatory certification - while a momentary internal feedback path allows for clean and well controlled start-up operation until external USB-PD controllers can bias themselves and take over control of the output voltage. 

The RD-5 joins a comprehensive family of production-ready reference designs that provide everything needed to develop high-density chargers with low operational and no-load/ stand-by power consumption and minimum component count, BOM cost and size. This family includes all-silicon 33W and 45W solutions and silicon- and GaN-based single-output 65W USB-PD reference

designs. Full availability of PCB Gerber and production files further reduces the time from prototyping to full production.

RD-5 Key Features

· 65W 2C high-power-density AnyPort reference design

· 11.4 W/inch3 cased power density

· > 91.5% peak end-to-end efficiency

· > 6dB conducted and radiated EMI margins

· Flat efficiency across universal (90 – 265Vac) input voltage and load

· Uses Silanna Semiconductor’s fully integrated ACF controller (SZ1130)

· SZ1130 integrates ACF controller with UHV active clamp FET, active clamp driver, and start-up regulator

· Up to 146kHz switching frequency operation

· OptiMode cycle-by-cycle adaptive digital control

· Self-tuning valley mode switching (VMS)

· Multi-mode operation (burst mode, QR, VMS)

· OTP, OVP, OCP, OPP, and Output Short Circuit Protections

· Space-saving 16-pin SOIC package

· Uses Silanna Semiconductor’s high-voltage, high-efficiency 65W integrated buck converter (SZPL3102)

· Selectable switching frequency up to 2MHz

· Optimal high efficiencies for 3.3V to 21V VOUT

· Maximum output current of 3.25A

· Wide input voltage range: 7V to 27V

· Selectable soft start times

· OCP/OVP/OTP protection

· Programmable UVLO

· 3mm x 3mm QFN package · CO2 Smart Power by Silanna Semiconductor

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