IGBT modules have internal inductance of just 15nH

19th November 2009
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SEMIKRON has introduced a low-inductance 1200V SEMITRANS IGBT module series for use in AC/DC converters in the 20 – 300kW power range. These modules are available with Fuji fifth-generation V-IGBT chips as an alternative to IGBT4 chips. The very low 15nH module inductance offers two advantages: 50V higher DC link voltage than in competitor modules, thanks to the lower switching overvoltages; plus faster and softer IGBT switching producing lower switching losses, boosting overall efficiency.
In addition to the existing SEMITRANS modules with IGBT chips from Infineon, SEMITRANS modules now also are available with V-IGBT’s from Fuji, offering a blocking voltage of 1200V. The new V-IGBT based modules are available in three different sizes, a total of eight different power classes and three switching topologies, with rated currents of 150A to 600A. SEMITRANS 3 and 4 modules are very low-inductance modules with a module inductance of just 15nH. The typical IGBT switching speed of 5000A/µs results in a module overvoltage of just 75V. Competitor products produce on average module overvoltages of between 90V and 125V. The modules come in single-switch, half-bridge or chopper topology for inverters in industrial drives or any other application area.

Standard SEMITRANS modules boast high insulation strength of 4000V/min, which is 60 percent higher than the global insulation strength norm of 2500V/min. In addition to the 1200V modules featuring IGBT2, IGBT2 fast, IGBT3 or IGBT4 technology, the modules are also available with blocking voltages of 600V and 1700V.

Three standard SEMITRANS case outlines are available: 34mm-wide SEMITRANS 2 and 62mm-wide SEMITRANS 3 and 4 modules. Additional sizes are also offered for non-standard customer applications. Examples include SEMITRANS 6 with 6-pulse inverter bridge circuits, SEMITRANS 5 with circuits for 3-level inverters as well as for current monitoring, which is achieved by integrating shunts into the modules. SEMITRANS 9 has been developed to provide particularly high insulation strength of 9kV for railway applications. All SEMITRANS modules feature a copper baseplate.

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