Infra-red LED slimmed down to lowest ever profile

11th June 2014
Mick Elliott

A flush-mountable infrared LED, means remote control functionality can now be incorporated in a lower profile than ever. The T-Midled SFH 4140 has been developed by Osram Opto Semiconductors adding to its portfolio of remote control transmitters. The infrared transmitter can be integrated in very thin smartphones and tablet computers and it is available at distributor Rutronik.

With the T-Midled SFH 4140, a surface-mountable infrared LED can be sunk in a pc board for the first time. Only 0.6mm of the T-shaped transmitter extend above and below the board.

The component size is only 3.1mm x 1.5mm x 1.5mm, thus it takes up only 4.6mm² of board space. Thanks to an integrated reflector, a powerful focused beam is emitted to the side in a beam angle of +/-25 degrees. With a typical radiant intensity of 100mA, the SFH 4140 produces 50mW/sr (per steradiant) and achieves a wavelength of 940nm.

The T-Midled SFH 4140 was designed for home entertainment electronics: If a smartphone or tablet is equipped with the appropriate infrared transmitter diode, the diode can be controlled via suitable app and thus be turned into an universal remote control.

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