Synchronous buck regulators deliver 3A for FPGAs

10th October 2014
Mick Elliott

Rutronik is selling the new ISL85003 and ISL85003A 3 Amp synchronous buck regulators from Intersil. These integrated high-side and low-side MOSFETs support the auxiliary rails on the latest FPGA platforms for the most demanding infrastructure and industrial applications. The new ISL85003/3A buck regulators support an input voltage range of 4.5V to 18V while delivering very efficient and continuous 3A current for the latest generation of FPGAs from leading manufacturers for high-end server, network communication and industrial process control applications.

From 0.8V, the output voltage is adjustable to +/-1%. The low power loss extends product life. The ISL85003/3A’s high-side FET, based on a proprietary high-performance power FET, runs at 65mO and the low-side RDS(ON) runs at 45mO. Up to 95% efficiency lead to lower die temperatures, keeping the system cooler and reducing reliance on fans or other outside cooling systems.

The light load mode allows systems to go into sleep mode when power requirements drop, effectively consuming less power. The ISL85003’s switching frequency runs at 500kHz or can be synchronised to a clock up to 2MHz, which enables smaller inductors for the design and lower ripple, further improving efficiency and ease of design.

Intersil's ISL85003/3A buck regulators provide high reliability thanks to the low internal temperature resulting in longer in-field life cycle, the positive and negative overcurrent protection, overvoltage and thermal protection, as well as the integrated BOOT diode with under voltage detection.


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