Protection portfolio with three TVS diode families

5th September 2017
Enaie Azambuja


Nexperia has announced three miniature TVS diode families that are available in space-saving packages for applications in portable devices, including USB – Power Delivery (USB-PD) protection. All the new parts feature high surge ratings and high peak pulse power.

Taking up just 1x0.6mm (DFN1006-2/SOD882 package) of PCB space and with a height of 0.5mm, the new PTVS4V5D1BL TVS diode delivers very good clamping characteristics and a typical surge robustness of 38.3A (8/20 µA pulse), which is industry benchmark for a device of this size and specification. Applications include battery line and audio port protection.

The new PTVSxZ1USK series includes ten new types within a reverse standoff voltage range from 5-26V (VRWM). These tiny devices measure just 1.6x0.8mm and are 0.29mm high (DSN1608-2 / SOD964 package). This is a significant reduction of package height compared to devices currently available in this performance class which are usually 0.5mm high.

The new Nexperia parts handle surge ratings up to 100A (8/20 µA pulse). They also have an ultra-low dynamic resistance of 0.06Ω. Devices provide surge protection in charger ports, battery connectors and hard disks/SSDs.

Three new 20V, 22V and 24V parts complete Nexperia’s PTVSxU1UPA TVS family which now comprises nine diodes covering 7.5-26V. Devices come in the DFN2020-3 (SOT1061) package which has a footprint of 2x2mm and a profile of just 0.62mm.

Surge rating is up to a maximum of 178A for a 8/20µA pulse; peak pulse power is up to 300W for 10/1000µs pulse and leakage current is down to 1nA. The new parts target USB-PD applications.

Henning Riedel, Product Manager Protection, at Nexperia commented: “We are already the leading supplier of ESD protection diodes, and with these new introductions in small, leadless packages we have strengthened our TVS portfolio to suit emerging mobile applications such as USB PD.”

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