PCIM 2019: Advanced technology for automotive applications

29th April 2019
Lanna Cooper

Panasonic will present its latest technology portfolio at PCIM, the power electronics exhibition on Booth 345, Hall 6 at the Nuremberg Messe from 7th-9th May. Strong innovations in the fields of wide bandgap semiconductors, assembly technology and passive components technology form the basis of Panasonic unique position as the solution partner addressing the broadest range of challenges of the modern power electronic design.

Portfolio overview:

  • X-GaN, new totem pole PFC and active clamp flyback reference designs
  • GaN bi-directional switches and 3 levels inverter
  • SiC modules and current sensors for xEV powertrain
  • Graphite based thermal interface materials
  • Hybrid and film capacitors, power choke coils
  • Polymer capacitors for energy storage

X-GaN transistors and new reference designs
Panasonic X-GaN transistors provide switching performance and high reliability and robustness, thanks to their fast switching, highly conductive structure that suppresses current collapse. These benefits are demonstrated in new reference designs of a 3kW totem pole PFC and of a 65W active clamped flyback AC adapter.

GaN bi-directional switches
Panasonic has developed a single chip GaN bi-directional switch capable of operating in 4 quadrants, by adopting an innovative dual gate device structure. This device enables a significant reduction of conduction losses and of the number of components needed in topologies such as multilevel inverters, matrix converters and Vienna rectifiers.

SiC modules for automotive
Panasonic range of low inductive power modules for xEV drivetrain embed Panasonic's DioMOS (Diode-integrated) MOSFETs. The DioMOS structure enables a size reduction of SiC modules by integrated free-wheeling diode functionality inside the MOSFET.

Thermal interface materials (TIM)
GraphiteTIM is the next development step of the Pyrolytic Highly Oriented Graphite Sheet (PGS) portfolio. This PGS 100μm thin sheet acts as lightweight and easy to handle film with a thermal conductivity 700W/mK in plane and 26W/mK out of plane. GraphiteTIM has been developed as a thermal interface material and boasts a high thermal conductivity of 28W/mK which effectively disperses and transfers heat along X,Y and Z axis, provides better compressibility of 40%@600kPa pressure, easy handling and high reliability over the whole product life.

Passives - Hybrid and automotive film capacitors, power choke coils
Passive components on display feature Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, which enable high power applications to achieve optimum performance through their low ESR, high ripple long life characteristics. Automotive film capacitors (AEC-Q200 compliant)- contribute to high safety and high reliability solution for a broad spectrum of application including automotive, industrial and renewable energy. Metal Composite Power Choke Coils offer a combination of features - high current capability, high reliability and good anti-vibration characteristics - which enable application design flexibility.

Energy polymer capacitors
Panasonic bridges the gap between batteries and super-capacitors with its newly developed Energy Polymer Capacitor reaching energy densities comparable to lead acid batteries while keeping the high power density of supercapacitors.

Panasonic Energy Polymer Capacitor will enable new solutions for backup power, peak power assist and regenerative storage applications.

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