NexFET MOSFETs for motor control and power designs

3rd April 2014
Nat Bowers

Expanding the company's NexFET portfolio, 14 power MOSFETs supporting input voltages of 40-100V have been introduced by Texas Instruments. The high-efficiency NexFETs include 40, 60, 80 and 100V N-channel devices that provide excellent thermal performance to a wide range of high-current motor control and power applications.

Two of the 80 and 100 NexFET devices achieve the industry's lowest on-resistance in a TO-220 package (according to TI) without sacrificing high gate charge - giving designers more power conversion efficiency at higher currents. The CSD19506 supports 2.0mΩ of Rds(on) at an input voltage of up to 80V, while the CSD19536 achieves 2.3mΩ of Rds(on) at a 100V input. Both products feature plastic packages with high avalanche capability to support high-stress motor control applications. Designers also can easily select the products and simulate their power designs by accessing TI's award-winning WEBENCH online design tool.

TI's NexFET power MOSFET technology improves energy efficiency in high-power computing, networking, industrial and power supplies. These high-frequency, high-efficiency analog power MOSFETs give system designers access to the most advanced DC/DC power conversion solutions available.

TI has also introduced several easy-to-use evaluation modules based on its 60V NexFET products – all available for ordering in the TI eStore. The DRV8711EVM evaluation module is based on the DRV8711 stepper motor controller paired with NexFET devices to drive a high-current bipolar stepper motor or two brushed DC motors. The BOOSTXL-DRV8301 kit (Motor Drive BoosterPack) is a 10A, three-phase brushless DC drive stage based on the DRV8301 pre-driver - designed for those learning about sensorless brushless control techniques and drive stage design. For digital power, the UCD3138PSFBEVM-027 allows power developers to design a digitally controlled, phase-shifted off-line, 12V, 360W power converter application. For point-of-load control, the TPS40170EVM-597 evaluation board features TI's TPS40170 synchronous step-down controllers with two NexFET devices.

The CSD19506KCS and CSD19536KCS N-channel devices are available in volume production. Each comes in a three-pin, standard TO-220 package with a suggested resale price of $2.30 (USD) each in 1,000 unit quantities. TI also offers 40, 60, 80 and 100V FETs in lead-free 5x6mm SON packages.

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