Multi-channel operational amplifiers for cost-optimised systems

30th October 2019
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The TLV900x family from Texas Instruments includes single (TLV9001), dual (TLV9002), and quad-channel (TLV9004) low-voltage (1.8 to 5.5V) operational amplifiers (op amps) with rail-to-rail input and output swing capabilities. These op amps provide a cost-effective solution for space-constrained applications such as small appliances where low-voltage operation and high capacitive-load drive are required. 

The capacitive-load drive of the TLV900x family is 500 pF, and the resistive open-loop output impedance makes stabilisation easier with much higher capacitive loads. These op amps are designed specifically for low-voltage operation (1.8 V to 5.5 V) with performance specifications similar to the TLV600x devices.

The robust design of the TLV900x family simplifies circuit design. The op amps feature unity-gain stability, an integrated RFI and EMI rejection filter, and no-phase reversal in overdrive conditions.

The TLV900x devices include a shutdown mode (TLV9001S, TLV9002S and TLV9004S) that allow the amplifiers to switch off into standby mode with typical current consumption less than 1 µA.

Micro-size packages, such as SOT-553 and WSON, are offered for all channel variants (single, dual, and quad), along with industry-standard packages such as SOIC, MSOP, SOT-23, and TSSOP packages.

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