MOSFET relays address space & signal challenges in sensing

26th November 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman


To address the challenges of tight space constraints and low signal strength in sensing applications, Omron Electronic Components Europe has expanded its G3VM family of MOSFET relays. The company has released six relays in the VSON package alongside ultra-sensitive relays.

Measuring just 2.45x1.45x1.30mm, the VSON devices are claimed to be almost 50% smaller than competing USOP devices. Enabling easier solder-joint inspection, the package features large bottom-side contacts with edge metallisation. The G3VM-21UR1/10/11 are rated to 20V, while the G3VM-101UR is rated to 100V. 40, 50, 60, 75 and 80V ratings are also available, and rated continuous load current is from 100mA to 1A.

Minimising power losses, the relays feature RDS(ON) down to 0.18Ω. The devices also provide fast switching times, making them suitable for use with high-frequency signals in various test and measurement, telecomm and wireless applications, as well as portable consumer devices such as cameras. 

The G3VM-xxG1/G2/G3 ultra-sensitive relays have a low actuation current of 0.2mA, requiring approximately 20% of the signal strength of earlier-generation devices. Therefore, the devices are suitable for use in sensing applications such as the motion detectors of security systems, as well as various industrial applications, test and measurement equipment, and energy-conscious or battery-powered devices that require extended operating lifetimes. Available with a wide range of load voltages from 60 to 600V, with rated continuous load current from 70 to 400mA, the relays are offered in an SOP-4 package.

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