Magnachip releases PMIC

11th June 2024
Caitlin Gittins

Magnachip Mixed-Signal (MMS) has announced the release of a multi-functional Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) and a multi-channel level shifter to regulate various voltages and signals within display panels in IT devices.

As a subsidiary of Magnachip Semiconductor, MMS has been developing and supplying a diverse range of power ICs, including backlight unit LED drivers for TVs and LED lighting drivers, for over a decade. The quality of the company's products has been validated through successful collaborations with leading TV manufacturers, OLED panel manufacturers, and smartphone manufacturers, allowing MMS to expand its customer base globally.

The newly introduced products feature PMIC and level-shifter technology, developed from Magnachip’s research and development activities since 2019. They offer enhanced efficiency, low power consumption, multi-functionality, and multi-channel capability.

The multi-functional PMIC is a one-chip solution that integrates a built-in controller, switches, logic circuit, two boost regulators, two negative low-dropout regulators, three high-current regulators for voltage down, and two positive op-amps. With I²C, this PMIC can control dynamic voltage management, a built-in on/off timer, protection circuits, and switching frequency transition. As a result, the new PMIC enhances efficiency and reduces power consumption in applications, ensuring stable conversion and distribution of power required for high-end display panels in IT devices.

The new multi-channel level shifter is designed to regulate turn-on/off voltages for over 24 channels and efficiently manage voltage signals. This level shifter meets the demanding channel requirements of high-resolution display panels and even UHD panels.

“We believe the IT display panel industry will benefit greatly from these new premium power solutions from MMS,” said YJ Kim, CEO of Magnachip. “We will continue the company’s legacy of success with product development, production, and technical support in a timely manner.”

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