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27th February 2020
MOSFET to enhance protection for wireless earphones

MagnaChip Semiconductor has announced that it is entering the wireless earphone market with the introduction of a new MOSFET for wireless earphones for preventing the battery from overcharging. This MOSFET is designed to control excessive current flowing into wireless earphones while recharging the battery in order to protect wireless earphones from being damaged.

10th February 2020
Enhanced performance for automotive power semiconductors

MagnaChip Semiconductor has announced that it now offers a 0.13 micron BCD process with improved performance to help automotive power semiconductor designers build more competitive products.

8th October 2019
High-performance MOSFET for e-bike market

MagnaChip Semiconductor has announced the release of a 100V Mid-Voltage MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) with a new thermal package (M2PAK-7P) designed for the fast-growing e-Bike market. This MOSFET with M2PAK-7P is suitable to meet the particular requirements of electric bike (e-Bike) systems.

22nd August 2019
Ultra-high voltage process technologies for various systems

MagnaChip Semiconductor has announced it now offers 0.35 micron 700V Ultra-High Voltage process technologies (UHV) suitable for different system requirements for AC/DC converter ICs and LED driver ICs. Currently, the market demand is increasing dramatically for AC-powered products, including LED lighting drivers, AC/DC converter ICs and AC/DC chargers commonly found in home appliances.

5th August 2019
Milestone reached for cumulative shipments of display driver ICs

MagnaChip has surpassed the 500 million milestone in cumulative shipments of OLED DDICs (Display Driver ICs). OLED display drivers are low-power devices that offer excellent screen resolution with deep and bright colours that do not require a backlight and enable full-screen and thinner smartphones.

27th June 2019
Enhancing 5G smartphone battery life and protection

MagnaChip Semiconductor has announced today a new low-Rss(on) LV (Low Voltage) MOSFET with reduced chip size for smartphone battery PCMs (Protection Circuit Modules). Extended life and increased protection for batteries in high-end LTE and 5G smartphones are becoming increasingly important.

Mixed Signal/Analog
19th February 2019
High voltage technology for OLED source driver IC

It has been announced by MagnaChip Semiconductor, that it now offers foundry customers its second generation 0.13 micron 18V high voltage process technology. The technology, which is dedicated for designing source drivers for LCD and OLED televisions, offers fewer steps, allows suitable high voltage device design rules to shrink chip size and adds a new device for DAC block design compared to the first generation process.

3rd January 2019
Third-gen 0.18 micron bipolar-CMOS-DMOS process technology

MagnaChip, a designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products, has announced that it now offers foundry customers its third generation 0.18 micron Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) process technology. The technology is highly suitable for PMIC, DC/DC converters, battery charger ICs, protection ICs, motor driver ICs, LED driver ICs and audio amplifiers.

Mixed Signal/Analog
18th December 2018
Low noise regulator designed for BGA SSD used in mobile devices

MagnaChip has announced that it has released a low noise, low power consumption, fast transient LDO (Low Dropout) regulator that also can be designed into BGA (Ball Grid Array) SSD (Solid State Drive) components commonly used in mobile devices. An LDO regulator is a power standard product whose function can be designed into various components.

22nd November 2018
Automotive-grade BCD process technology with up to 200V operation

Designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products, MagnaChip Semiconductor has offered Foundry customers a 0.18 micron BCD (Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS) 200V high-voltage process. This new BCD process uses SOI (Silicon On Insulator) substrates with solid high-voltage isolation and extends MagnaChip’s existing BCD processes from 100 to 200V. 

Mixed Signal/Analog
3rd November 2018
MagnaChip to Host Foundry Technology Symposium in China

MagnaChip will hold a Foundry Technology Symposium at the Shangri-La in Shenzhen, China, on November 27, 2018. After holding a successful Foundry Technology symposium in Shenzhen, China in 2015, this second technology symposium in Shenzhen is part of MagnaChip’s global foundry targeted geographic strategy to increase MagnaChip’s brand awareness in China.

26th October 2018
Volume production of automotive display driver IC begins

Volume production from MagnaChip of a new Display Driver IC (DDIC) for automotive panel displays has begun. The company is planning to expand its business to various automotive display applications in the market, starting with the design-win of new product at a Japanese panel maker of automotive CSD (Center Stack Display) panels.

16th October 2018
High-voltage super Junction MOSFET for industrial applications

  Analog and mixed-signal semiconductor platform solutions provider, MagnaChip Semiconductor, has announced the introduction of a new High-Voltage Super Junction MOSFET with a 900V breakdown voltage and low total gate charge (Qg) (‘90R1K4P’). 

16th July 2018
Planar-type hall-effect sensors suitable for mobile and IoT devices

MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation has announced that it now offers planar-type Hall-effect sensors for foundry customers. The Hall-effect sensor has been adopted by the market for an increasing number of applications, such as smartphone cameras for the closed-loop auto focus feature and for the auto iris function.

Mixed Signal/Analog
18th May 2018
Customers to benefit from non-volatile memory and BCD technology

  Designer and manufacturer of analogue and mixed-signal semiconductor products, MagnaChip has announced the availability of 0.13 micron Multiple-Time Programmable Intellectual Property (MTP-IP) memory cores targeted for mobile and industrial applications.

18th October 2013
Sensor evolution

How sensor technology is changing in order to meet growing demand from the handheld device sector. Dr Seong-Min Choe, Team Manager of New Market Development, Display Solutions Division, MaganChip Semiconductor, discusses in this ES Design magazine article.

28th November 2012
MagnaChip Introduces Advanced 4-Channel LED Backlight Unit Driver Achieving 50% Increase in Driver Output

MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation today announced the launch of an advanced 4-channel LED backlight unit (BLU) driver IC (Model: MAP3242) that features a 50% increase in driving power making it ideally suited for TV applications.

21st September 2011
MagnaChip Unveils 4-Channel LED Drivers Targeted for the Advanced Display and Television Market

MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation has launched a series of 4 channel LED drivers for use in LED monitors and LED-TV applications. These new device drivers from MagnaChip are designed to fit the back light unit structures of the latest LED monitors and televisions. Each channel has the equivalent of a 150mA/65V current balance MOSFET embedded in it that is capable of driving up to 20 LEDs in a 40W LED backlight unit.

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