Li-ion batteries suit e-mobility applications

22nd March 2017
Barney Scott

The BMZ Group has developed large-scale batteries for vehicles like buses, forklifts, cranes, sweepers, commercial vehicles in harbours and airports, E-taxis, industrial trucks, and E-boats. The advantages of BMZ lithium-ion battery technologies are their quick-charging capabilities and long service life of up to 20 years.

They are a sensible and economical alternative to maintenance-intensive lead-acid batteries. BMZ produces modular battery systems with 24 to 48V that can be connected in parallel and cascaded up to 800V.

These customer-specific BMZ lithium-ion batteries use battery cells from the automotive industry. The new technology fulfils the highest safety and stability requirements. The high-quality installed automotive cells withstand 4,000 charging cycles. BMZ continues to increase its own production of cells for these applications in Japan.

Module production at BMZ is handled fully automatically by laser welding robots. Electric vehicles are quiet, reliable, and low-emission. They use the best infrastructure for recharging. The special service offered is custom manufacturing for customers in any application.

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