Legrand integrates Innoscience GaN ICs in wall sockets

20th November 2023
Sheryl Miles

Innoscience Technology, dedicated to developing a worldwide energy ecosystem based on efficient, cost-effective gallium-nitride-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si) power solutions, has announced its collaboration with Legrand, a leading company in electrical and digital building infrastructures.

Legrand is incorporating Innoscience's InnoGaN devices in its newest home power sockets to cater to the growing power needs of products such as fast-charging Type A+C and USB power adapters.

Holding an estimated 19% share in the global switch and socket market, Legrand's recently introduced products in China, the Yijing 27W and Yijing PLUS 45W wall sockets, feature Innoscience GaN HEMTs. These components significantly enhance the output power capacity and minimise heat generation within the same size. GaN technology also enables the wall plug to be more compact, achieving an ultra-slim profile.

For instance, the Yijing PLUS five-hole socket utilises Innoscience's INN700TK190B GaN chip, delivering a maximum output power of 45W. This chip, with a voltage resistance of 700V and a conduction resistance of 190mΩ, not only exhibits the inherent properties of gallium nitride – high switching frequency, no reverse recovery loss, low gate and output charge – but also maintains affordability due to its standard TO-252 packaging.

Beyond the 27W and 45W Yijing sockets for the Chinese market, Legrand's international products also feature Innoscience’s InnoGaN ICs. Currently, InnoGaN is being utilised in various applications including over-voltage protection inside smartphones, buck-boost converters in notebooks, fast charging for mobile phones/laptops, and LED power supplies. It is also under development for use in products such as TV power supplies, speakers, outdoor portable power supplies, and power tools.

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