Lithium battery operates at higher temperatures

11th June 2014
Mick Elliott

Ismosys has followed up its recent appointment to represent the components division of Seiko Instruments (SII) in the UK and Ireland by releasing a new coin-cell lithium rechargeable battery that offers a much higher operating temperature than conventional rechargeable batteries.

While the maximum operating temperature for conventional rechargeable lithium batteries is 60ºC, SII has successfully applied its unique sealing technology to increase the operating temperature of the new MS920T coin-cell Lithium rechargeable battery up to 85ºC.

Key features of the battery include high operating temperature (85º C); exceptional power retention - retains more than 90% of initial capacity after 60 days of storage at 85ºC; excellent over-discharge characteristics - retains characteristics even after being over-discharged to 0V; and a long cycle life The design of the new battery has been optimised to meet the requirements of demanding exterior and interior applications.

According to Ismosys MD Nigel Watts, elevated temperatures accelerate the deterioration of conventional  lithium rechargeable batteries: “In contrast to conventional type batteries, which rapidly lose up to 40% of their initial capacity at 85º C, SII’s new MS920T new coin-cell lithium rechargeable battery retains more than 90% initial capacity under the same conditions,” he said.

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