High-density KUB4836EB series provides boundless possibilities

7th October 2021
Kiera Sowery

The non-isolated, buck-boost, DC/DC converters have almost limitless possibilities. Mornsun’s high-density models are available from Relec Electronics. The new 600W KUB4836EB series buck-boost DC/DC converters have an adjustable output voltage (0 – 60Vdc) and current (from 0 -10A) in a compact 1/8th brick package.

The wide, regulated single output operates from an input range of 9V - 60Vdc. As a result, the single series of DC/DC converters can cover 12V, 24V and 48V bus and battery voltages.

Voltage or resistor programming options allow both the voltage or current to be adjusted to meet an application’s specific requirements.  

Safety features include input under-voltage, output short circuit, over-temperature protection, remote on/off, output voltage adjustment, output current adjustment. The converter’s Imon pin measures and monitors the output current.

Efficiency is up to 95% and the operating case temperature range is -40 to +105°C. The converters are suitable for a wide range of demanding industrial and battery-powered systems: from robotics and drones to motors and telecom applications. They can also be used in DC/DC distributed power supplies.

The versatile DC/DC buck-boost converters are supplied in an industry standard one-eighth brick and pin-out, with dimensions of 60.8 x 25.0 x 12.7mm with options for standard PCB mounting or an external heatsink via a flange plate.

Mornsun’s automated manufacturing with surface mount device reflow soldering ensures quality and reliability. The KUB4836EB’s five-sided metal housing simplifies assembly while ensuring good thermal dissipation. There is also the option of an additional cold wall flange plate for space-limited projects.

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