Full integrated sync boost converter with load disconnect

19th November 2018
Alex Lynn

The TPS61372 from Texas Instruments is a full-integrated synchronous boost converter with load disconnect built-in. The device could support output voltage up to 16V with 3.6A current limit. The input voltage ranges from 2.5 to 5.5V supporting the application powered by single-cell Li-ion battery or 5V bus.

The TPS61372 uses the peak current mode with the adaptive off-time control based. The device works in the PWM operation of 1.5MHz at the moderate to heavy load. At light load condition, the device can be configured in either Auto PFM or forced PWM operation via configuring the MODE pin. The Auto PFM mode benefits of high efficiency at light load while the forced PWM operation can keep the switching frequency being constant across the whole load range.

The TPS61372 has a soft start to minimise the inrush current during startup. The TPS61372 features of load disconnect when shutdown, and provides a hiccup output short protection with recovering automatically after the short releasing. In addition, the device implements output over voltage and thermal shutdown protection. The TPS61372 delivers a compact solution size with 1.57x1.52mm WCSP16 package.

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