DC/DC supplies combine quality & reliability

14th October 2015
Barney Scott

MTM Power's MPG-Series DC/DC power supply systems are designed for different applications in transportation and telecomms, as well as the charging of lead batteries during stand-by parallel operation. The supplies offer a combination of high quality, reliability and stressability. The universally usable, modular and easy-to-scale system is based on the PCMD250W and PCMD400W series of DC/DC converters.

The series is available with 2-5 plug-in positions (MPG2, MPG3, MPG4, MPG5) for the 250 or 400W converters and a total output power of 500-2,000W. With different wide input voltage ranges between 14.4 and 154VDC, the devices supply output voltages between 12 and 110VDC. The output voltage operates with IU characteristic curve. The system can be switched into an energy-saving stand-by operation via a remote control input.

Further features are signalling of input and output voltage by an LED as well as a potential-free power good signal. The whole system is passively cooled by convection and is designed for an ambient temperature range of -40 to +70°C.

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