DC/DC converters protect processors

18th September 2007
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Murata has expanded its range of power supplies with the introduction of the MPDRX series of ultra high speed response DC/DC converters. Specifically designed for use with high speed, yet sensitive circuitry, these innovative, yet cost effective devices take advantage of Murata’s advanced design and high-density packaging technologies.
The Murata MPDRX series is particularly suitable for highly sensitive equipment incorporating FPGAs or advanced microprocessors. Such high performance devices feature multiple gate on/off switching operations that can generate changes in load-current large enough to force a serious fluctuation in a typical DC/DC converter’s output voltage. If that voltage fluctuation enters the processor’s Vcc internal supply terminal, for example, errors can be generated and consequently may result in damage to the FPGA or processor.

The MPDRX series is designed to eliminate a device’s exposure to such variations by as much as 85%. A Murata-developed ripple detection technique enables extremely tight regulation, even when exposed to high transients. Generation of a very small ripple-voltage from the output voltage for comparison to a reference voltage is used to modulate the drive circuit. In operation, the MPDRX series achieves the smallest possible Vout variation with only a single 100μF ceramic capacitor on the output.

The Murata solution avoids the need for additional external capacitors, thereby saving a significant amount of board space (up to 73%), reducing component count and material cost. When taking these factors into account, the MPDRX option is highly cost competitive.
These MPDRX power devices are ideal for computer based equipment used in telecommunications, industrial and instrumentation applications.
Available in daughter board or single in line formats, the DC/DC converters are offered with 3 to 5.5V, 7 to 14V or 10.8 to 13.2V input voltage ranges and 21.6, 28.8 and 39.6W outputs. Output voltage/current is 0.8 to 1.8V/12A or 16A or 1.5 to 3.3V/12A. Manufactured in Japan, the DC/DC converters are fully RoHS compliant and available from stock on standard (max 16week) delivery times.

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