DC/DC converters integrate a PMBus compatible interface

18th December 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

Featuring a PMBus compatible digital interface, the DRQ family of DC/DC converters has been released by Murata. The company’s family consists of the DRQ-12/42-D48, a 500W converter, and the DRQ-12/50-L48, a 600W converter. Based on a 32-bit ARM7 processor, the devices are packaged in the industry standard quarter-brick format which incorporates an ABC pinout for PMBus communications. 

The -L48 has a 12VDC 50A output and accommodates an input voltage range of 44-57VDC, making it suitable for intermediate bus applications with a tightly controlled power source. The –D48 has an 11.5VDC 43.5A output and accommodates the TNV 2:1 wide input voltage range of 38-75VDC. Operating with a typical efficiency of 95.5%, the converters are suitable for use in MicroTCAs, servers, storage, networking equipment, POE applications, wireless networks, industrial applications and test equipment.

The PMBus interface allows engineers to monitor critical system level performance requirements such as Vin, Iin, Vout, Iout and operating temperature. Engineers can also use the interface to set warning flags for temperature, Vin, Vout and Iout, and customise parameters such as Vout, Vin Turn on/off thresholds, output over voltage protection, and output current limit and ramp-up characteristics. In applications where additional output power or redundancy is required, two converters can also be connected in parallel.

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