Compact power relays feature exceptional endurance

7th July 2016
Daisy Stapley-Bunten

Two miniature power relays featuring exceptional endurance and performance for controlling home appliances, electric cookers, inverters, lighting, robots and industrial systems have been launched by Omron Electronic Components Europe. 

The new Omron G5Q-EL is rated for 100,000 operations at 250VAC, 10A, four times the endurance of the standard G5Q relay under the same conditions. This has been achieved due to a new contact structure , which suppresses contact bounce, reducing arcing and increasing service life. The new relay is offered in two versions addressing resistive/capacitive and inductive load applications. The G5Q-EL is aimed at resistive or capacitive loads, and has AgNi contacts.

For motors, lamps, inverters and other inductive applications, the G5Q-EL2 is recommended, with AgSnIn contacts, which can handle inrush currents of up to 40A for 100 microseconds in the context of a break current up to 1A. In these applications, it is an exceptionally cost-effective and compact solution, as it eliminates the need to specify a higher power relay to handle the initial inrush current.

Both versions conform to the glow wire test (IEC/EN 60335-1) for use in home appliance and household applications. They are rated for use between -40 deg C and +85ºC. The new G5Q-EL and G5Q-EL2 relays are offered in SPST-NO contact form with 12V or 24V coils. Coil power consumption for the new relays is an economical 400mW. 

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