CF-rated power adaptors with <10 µA leakage current

26th June 2020
Mick Elliott

Medical 15W CF category ultra-low leakage external power adapters with Class B EMI compliance and global approvals from Globtek are in stock at Digi-Key.

The medical standard IEC60601-1 defines three types of applied parts; that is, parts of the equipment that come into contact with the patient under normal operating conditions.

Type CF, or cardiac floating, parts have the most stringent classification as they are parts that may come into direct contact with the heart. Type CF parts are floating with respect to earth. The main difference between B and BF category power supplies and CF is the patient leakage current.

The patient leakage current is the current flowing from the applied part via the patient to earth as a result of an unintended voltage from an external source on the patient.

The limit, or maximum amount allowed, is 10 µA for CF.

GlobTek's GTM96180 product family's subset of CF rated power supplies offer <10 µA leakage current, Class B EMI performance, Global IEC60601-1, IEC60950 and 62368 + LPS certifications, and nine international input blade configurations, as well as other features.

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