Broad portfolio of CoolSic MOSFETs in discrete housing launched

17th May 2019
Lanna Cooper

Infineon Technologies enters high volume production of a comprehensive portfolio of 1,200V CoolSiC MOSFET devices. They are rated from 30-350mΩ and implemented into TO247-3 and TO247-4 housings. The expansion includes a surface mount device (SMD) portfolio and a 650V CoolSiC MOSFET product family, both to be launched soon.

With these products, Infineon addresses the fast growing demand for energy-efficient SiC solutions in power conversion schemes such as battery charging infrastructure, energy storage solutions, photovoltaic inverters, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), motor drives as well as server and telecom Switched-Mode-Power Supplies (SMPS).

“At Infineon, the launch of a new base technology is subject to strict quality criteria,” said Peter Wawer, Division President Industrial Power Control at Infineon.

“Production flows for high volume manufacturing must be proven, for front- and backend even when assembling discrete housings. This includes the collection of statistical data, production monitoring, and application-relevant testing beyond standardised procedures. After the production ramp of the Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET base technology has been safely completed, we are now bringing the most comprehensive discrete SiC portfolio for industrial applications to the market."

As for all previously launched CoolSiC MOSFET lead products in TO247 and Easy power module package, the new discrete devices build on a leading trench SiC MOSFET semiconductor process. This process was developed to allow for both lowest losses in the application and highest reliability in operation. Furthermore, according to related application profiles, gate-source operating voltages are adopted for discrete package solutions. A benchmark low dynamic loss enables highest efficiency with a simple unipolar gate drive scheme.

CoolSiC trench technology features an exclusively high threshold voltage rating (V th) larger than 4V combined with a low Miller capacitance. For this reason, CoolSiC MOSFETs exhibit immunity against unwanted parasitic turn-on effects compared to other SiC MOSFETs on the market. Together with a turn-on gate-source voltage of +18V with 5V margin to maximum rated voltage of +23V, the new Infineon SiC discrete MOSFETs deliver an advantage over silicon (Si) IGBTs, super-junction MOSFETs as well as over other SiC MOSFETs at highest level.

Including a robust body diode rated for hard commutation, the CoolSiC MOSFET portfolio gives engineers a pathway for highest energy efficiency and making 'more out of less'. MOSFET functionality in SiC material offers a new degree of system design flexibility in Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuits, bi-directional topologies and any hard and soft switching DC-DC converters or DC-AC inverters.

Infineon completes its discrete offering with a range of selected driver IC products fulfilling the needs posed by the ultrafast SiC MOSFET switching feature. Together, CoolSiC MOSFETs and EiceDRIVER gate driver ICs leverage the advantage of the technology: improved efficiency, space and weight savings, part count reduction, enhanced system reliability. Together, this opens up the possibility to lower system cost, reduces operational expenses and total cost of ownership, enabling new solutions in an energy-smart world.

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