Bluetooth low energy controls self-powered light switches

26th May 2017
Caroline Hayes

Wireless and self-powered light switches can create flexible, maintenance-free LED lighting systems, says EnOcean, which introduced its Easyfit switches at Smart Lighting 2017, in Hamburg, Germany. The company manufactures the switch with integrated Bluetooth module, operating via an app on an Android phone.

The Easyfit wall switches enable wireless and self-powered control of Bluetooth LED lighting systems. The wireless and self-powered wall switchesare based on miniaturised energy converters, low power electronics and robust radio technology in open standards. The use the Bluetooth low energy radio standard for LED lighting systems and EnOcean's wireless standard in 902MHz for Noth America. The Bluetooth low energy LED controls for Blutooth lighting control systems operating at 2.4GHz. The switches are wireless, saving installation costs, and can be retro-fitted. They are also maintenance-free, says the company, as they do not require batteries. They can also be positioned anywhere on the wall, without the restrictions of wiring.

Switches are available in wo designs, the standardised 55 x 55mm fame for Europe (EWSSB/EWSDB) and North Amercia (ESRPB/EDRPB).  Self-powered, wireless switches with near field communication (NFC) can be used to create lighting effects, such as colour hues. EnOcean has announced partnerships with lighting manufacturers, Casambi, Silvair and Xicato, whose self-powered Bluetooth lighting systems can be combined with the wall switches for flexible lighting control and use.

for example, NFC can create simple or complex lighting scenarios, by quickly and simply commissioning and controlling  individual luminaires, groups of luminaires, scenes and animations in Casambi lighting control. Silvair's Mesh Stack provides a wireless communication engine for scalable mesh lighting. Integrating the switches into the mesh allows maintenance-free control of lighting systems with low latency, even in high-density lighting networks. It can be updated over-the-air to comply with the upcoming Bluetooth Mesh standard. Xicato´s XIM Gen4 LED lighting modules can be combined with the switches for Bluetooth low energy in retail and commercial applications that need to comply to California Title 24. The self-powered lighting modules are used in museums, retail, hotels and residences.
Easyfit is the brandname for energy harvesting, wireless technology company, EnOcean's self-powered switches and sensors that use EnOcean and Bliuetooth wireless standards to make LED lighting more energy-efficient, flexible and lower in cost.

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