AEC-Q100 compliant high speed voltage regulator

17th September 2019
Alex Lynn

Torex Semiconductor has launched the XD6702 as a new series of AEC-Q100 (Grade2) compliant voltage regulator. The XD6702 series are CMOS high-speed voltage regulator ICs with a 36V input and low supply current. The output voltage is fixed internally by laser trimming and can be set from 1.8V to 18.0V in 0.1V steps. (Standard Voltage 1.8, 2.5, 2.8, 3.0, 3.3, 5.0, and 8.0V). 

The over-current protection circuit and overheat protection circuit are built-in. The protection circuits activates when output current or junction temperature reaches the limiting current or temperature.

Output voltages will vary as a result of changes in load current or fluctuations in input voltage. Changes in output voltage could cause malfunctions or other problems in devices at later stages, so such changes must be kept to a minimum. 

To do so, load-transient responsiveness is important for responding to changes in load current. The XD6702 series have quiescent currents which are smaller than those of conventional bipolar regulators and also exhibit high-speed responsiveness. Torex will continue to swiftly develop products that meet market needs and contribute to a richer and more abundant society. 


  • Operating voltage up to 36V, surge voltage up to 46V.
  • High-speed load transient response.
  • Built-in soft start function.
  • AEC-Q100 (Grade 2) Compliant.

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