600W 1/4 brick bus converters deliver 96% efficiency

8th November 2013
Nat Bowers

GE has announced two new quarter-brick bus converters, the 625 Watt QBVE060A0S10R4 and the 600 Watt QBVS050A0B. Part of GE's Barracuda product series of fully regulated DC/DC power devices, each of the new bus converters improve power density by more than 50 % compared to industry-standard 400-W bus converters.

Delivering highly efficient (exceeding 96%) power to load, this industry leading power density and efficiency enables exceptionally high performance leveles for information technology infrastructure, such as servers and routers.

Fully regulated bus converters, the QBVE060A0S10R4 and QBVS050A0B offer efficient and reliable power to high-bandwidth streaming applications such as 4G LTE wireless networks, 100-gigabyte DWDM optical networking infrastructure, high-density integrated circuit test equipment and network monitoring and security equipment.

Designed to support intermediate bus applications where multiple low voltages are generated using point of load converters, the QBVE060A0S10R4 and QBVS050A0B converters support distributed power architectures, intermediate bus voltage applications, fan assemblies and other systems requiring tightly regulated output voltages. With modules capable of being paralleled in sets of three for higher power applications, original equipment manufacturer designers can realize improved power density with minimal board real estate.

The QBVE060A0S10R4 625-W bus converter operates within a 45- to 56-volt DC input range, delivering 10.4 volts of DC power, while the QBVS050A0B 600-W bus converter operates within a 52- to 60-volt DC input range, delivering 12 volts of DC power.

The QBVE060A0S10R4 625-W and QBVS050A0B 600-W bus converter products are currently available, with pricing beginning at $53.80 (USD) at OEM volumes.

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