200W primary switched modules offer IP67 compliance

25th July 2016
Barney Scott

MTM Power has announced a series of primary switched modules, the PM-IP67A200 series, featuring IP67 ingress protection. The modules are especially designed for the electric supply of control, sensor and actuating systems in the field directly at the application. In order to achieve protection degree IP67 for conventional power supplies, it has been necessary to install them into switching cabinets or corresponding enclosures.

The power supplies of the series PM-IP67A of MTM Power allow the use as a "plug and play" solution directly on-the-site. This is only possible due to the connection via special 7/8" connectors and the worldwide unique thermoselective vacuum encapsulation developed by MTM Power (EP 1 987 708, U.S. Patent No. 8,821,778 B2).

The series PM-IP67A200 is available with 24V single and dual output voltages and is certified acc. to the standards UL 60 950-1 and UL 508. The compact supplies with AC (90-264 VAC) and DC (100-300 VDC) wide input range are designed for worldwide use under extreme, environmental conditions and allow an efficient, cost-saving solution for different tasks in all on-machine applications.

As an option, units with 24VOUT are also available with variable current limiting designed to allow a short-time increase of the output power to 150%. This function, known as power boost, allows application on motors, capacitive loads, etc. which use to show difficult start-up characteristics. The outputs of the dual output version are galvanically separated with with 500 VAC isolation voltage and independently regulated; both output voltages offer Limited Power Source acc. to EN 60 950-1 and UL 1310, NEC class 2. The devices are certified according to protection degree 1 and comply with the Low Voltage Directive as well with the up-to-date EMC standards as regards CE conformity. The series PM-IP67A200 is constantly short circuit protected, needs no ground load and is operating within a temperature range of -25 to +60°C. Further features are rugged design, SMD-technology, automatic 100% final test and 100%-burn-in-test.

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