MBI6901 - Macroblock Presents Step-Down and High Efficiency AC - DC LED Controller for LED Lighting Replacement

25th September 2009
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Macroblock introduces a step-down, non-isolated, and high efficiency AC - DC controller, MBI6901, that can deliver constant current to light up high brightness LED and stabilize the LED lighting system. The MBI6901 is able to drive external MOSFET current up to 3A for T-8 CFL replacement, general illumination and power supply for light panel. The MBI6901 accepts universal AC input from 80VAC to 265VAC and regulates the accuracy of preset output current within ±5% by switching the external MOSFET.
Macroblock expects the booming market for LED fluorescent lamp because the power saving of LED fluorescent lamp is 3 times better than traditional fluorescent lamp. The MBI6901 adopts hysteretic PFM control scheme to enhance the efficiency especially at light loading. For example, the efficiency is over 90% when lighting up 6-LEDs @ VAC =110V, 350mA.

Macroblock provides the reference design which has passed the EN55015 standard of the lighting equipment and complied with the UL/CSA/IEC 60950-1 safety standards. Besides, the MBI6901 has multiple features to protect the controller from fault conditions, including under voltage lockout (UVLO) and over voltage protection (OVP). Additionally, to ensure the system reliability, the MBI6901 is built with the thermal protection (TP) function. The MBI6901 is now available in MSOP-8L package.

Year 2009 is the opening year for Macroblock to introduce LED drivers in lighting applications ranging from MR16, general lighting, and automotive lighting.

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