Ultra-Large-Bandwidth ESD Protection for HDMI Connections from ST

11th October 2006
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STMicroelectronics has enlarged its portfolio of ultra-low-capacitance protection ICs for the high-definition video market. The new device allows a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), to operate at full HDMI speed of 1.65 Gbit/s and even up to 3.2 Gbit/s, with full 15kV contact and air Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection. Offering the best bandwidth available on the market (greater than 5GHz), the new HDMIULC6-4SC6 is a monolithic, application-specific device that provides complete rail-to-rail protection of four data lines without compromising signal integrity.
Protecting high-speed data ports is particularly challenging. Any capacitive loading introduced by protection devices can significantly degrade the signal integrity. This is particularly significant at the high data rates required by HDMI connections in computer and consumer electronics. Previous

solutions on the market typically presented a capacitive loading of several pico-Farads, which is high enough to require designers to make difficult trade-offs between the level of protection and the resulting signal degradation at typical working data rates.

The ultra-low line capacitance (0.6pF) of the HDMIULC6-4SC6 provides a new level of performance. For the first time, designers can protect these high-speed interfaces against 15kV air and contact discharges, above IEC 61000-4-2 level 4 standard, while minimizing distortion of the HDMI signal.

The ultra-high cut-off frequency of 5.3GHz guarantees data integrity. The HDMIULC6-4SC6 offers better impedance matching (0.015pF versus 0.04pF), low leakage current (0.5µA maximum), and minimal channel imbalance, signal skew and crosstalk (0.007pF versus 0.13pF).

The new device is compatible with other high-speed interfaces such as IEEE 1394a/b, USB2.0, Ethernet links, and video lines. The footprint of the HDMIULC6-4SC6 is compatible with ST’s popular USBLC6-4SC6 and DVIULC6-4SC6 ESD protection devices for USB 2.0 and DVI ports respectively, allowing easy

board upgrades.

Housed in a tiny SOT23-6L package, the HDMIULC6-4SC6 is in full production and costs $0.25 in quantities of 2500 pieces.

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