TVS diode arrays protect sensitive equipment

15th January 2014
Nat Bowers

Optimised to protect sensitive equipment from damage due to electrostatic discharge (ESD), electrical fast transients (EFT), and lightning-induced surges, Littelfuse have introduced the SM series of two-channel TVS diode arrays. The devices offer robust protection against electrical threats to datacom ports (such as RS 232, RS-485, RS-422, RS-423) which are commonly used in automation equipment, diagnostic devices, security and alarm systems, printers, and test equipment.

Available in 5, 12, 15, 24 and 36V variants, the SM series TVS diode arrays offer very low dynamic resistance (SM05: 0.19Ω; SM12: 0.25Ω; SM15: 0.30Ω; SM24: 0.50Ω; SM36: 0.65Ω) for clamping performance which is greater than similar components. Ensuring optimal performance to protect modern sensitive electronics, the SM series can absorb repetitive ESD strikes above the maximum level specified in international standards without performance degradation. Additionally, they can safely dissipate up to 24A of induced surge current.

Greatly reduced clamping voltages ensure that modern ICs can survive industry-defined electrical threats, such as ESD, EFT and lightning-induced surges. Providing more design margin to electrical threats, as defined by these industry standards, the diode arrays feature a 25% higher power handling capability when compared to competitive solutions.

“Our SM series TVS diode arrays provide two to three times higher ESD withstand capability than similar solutions, which ensures maximum reliability of electronic equipment in the field. Additionally, our products with their very low dynamic resistances produce some of the lowest clamping voltages in the industry making them the ideal solution for protecting sensitive electronics," comments Chad Marak, Product Line Director, TVS Diode Array product line, Littelfuse.

Supplied in SOT23-3 packaging in reels of 3,000 units each, the SM series general-purpose TVS diode arrays from Littelfuse are available for sampling now.

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