Tiny RoHS Compliant Coils for EMI Suppression

3rd February 2006
ES Admin
Specifically designed for EMI suppression of high frequency circuits, the latest range of air core chip coils from Murata is fully compliant with RoHS legislation and available immediately in full production volumes.
The LQW04A series provides a cost effective and miniaturised alternative to the earlier LQW15A series. Just half the volume and 60% of the mounting area, these new chip coils measure just 0.8mm x 0.4mm with a low 0.4mm profile, which combined with a resin-coated surface, makes them particularly suitable for high-density mounting.

The wire wound construction with a miniature aluminium core is ideal for high frequency applications. Indeed, the LQW04A series features high Q value in the high frequency range; has high self-resonant frequency and offers stable inductance at high frequency. Meanwhile, the low DC resistance design is ideal for low loss, high output and low power consumption.

A wide range of devices in the series, with inductance values ranging from 1.1 to 22nH, allows designers to select the most appropriate part of their application.

These chip coils are aimed at high frequency circuits in telecommunications equipment, such as the high frequency modules including PA, ANT, VCO and SAW, and in mobile phones, such as GSM, CDMA, and PDC. Other applications include digital TV tuners, wireless LAN and Bluetooth devices.

The LQW04A chip coils are available on 8 to 10 week lead times.

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