Tantalum capacitors suit space-constrained applications

13th October 2015
Mick Elliott

Two new tantalum capacitor series from Vishay are now available in Europe at TTI. Designed to deliver maximum capacitance and reliability in the smallest packages for demanding, space-constrained applications, Vishay’s T25 Series offers low ESR and surge current testing options to MIL-PRF-55365.

The T97 Series is the Hi-Rel COTS equivalent to the commercial 597D series, patterned after MIL-PRF-55365 and gives military and industrial customers a broader choice of capacitance values, voltage ranges and case sizes than MIL-Spec offerings.

Vishay’s TANTAMOUNT T25 Hi-rel COTS Series is a solid tantalum surface-mount capacitor with a capacitance range of 22µF to 330 µF, supplied in a hermetically sealed metal case.

Highly reliable with burn-in at minimum rated DC voltage for a minimum of 40 hours, it also features low ESR - down to 180mΩ at +25°C and 100kHz. Voltage rating is 16VDC to 50VDC.

Designed for avionics applications, the T25 Series is availalbe in case size D, with lead (Pb)-free teminations. Tin/lead terminations are currently under development.  

The Vishay T97 Series of solid tantalum chip capacitors offers high reliability and ultra-low ESR down to 0.015Ω in a surface-mount, conformal coated case. Designed for applications including power management, military weapons systems, military and commercial avionics, radar systems and rugggedised electronics, these devices offer state-of-the-art CV in a wide range of case codes.

Capacitance range is from 10µF to 1500µF and voltage rating 4VDC to 75VDC. Devices have an operating temperature range of -55degC to +125degC (above 85degC, voltage derating is required).

Surge current testing per MIL-PRF-55365 is available as an option, as is Weibull failure rate grading. The T97 Series is supplied with tin/lead (Sn/Pb) terminations as standard, with 100% tin terminations available as an option.

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