Syfer's RoHS compliant EMI Filters can take the heat

12th December 2005
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Syfer Technology has announced the availability of an extensive range of solder mount feedthrough EMI filters designed to be fully RoHS compliant.
Syfer’s solder mount SFSR, SFST and SFSU ranges of EMI filters are aimed at high reliability, high performance applications requiring a rugged design. Typically, the filter is mounted on the panel or chassis of the equipment.

The filters incorporate high reliability multilayer discoidal capacitors based on the high quality, high stability C0G and X7R ceramic dielectrics. With a rated voltage of 500V and a current rating of 10A, the devices are qualified across the operating temperature range of -55ºC to +125ºC.

There are three body sizes available, all fully epoxy sealed. The SFSR range has a body with a diameter of 2.8mm, offering devices covering the capacitance range from 10pF to 220pF (C0G) and 470pF to 10nF (X7R). The SFST range has a 3.25mm body diameter, and devices range from 10pF to 150pF (C0G dielectric) and 220pF to 33nF (X7R). The SFSU range runs from 10pF to 150pF (C0G) and 220pF to 470nF (X7R) with a body diameter of 5.6mm.

Applications for Syfer’s EMI filters include industrial telecoms equipment and microwave modules as well as systems for the aerospace and defence sectors.

The SFSR, SFST and SFSU series complement the extensive and growing range of RoHS compliant products from Syfer, which include surface mount pi-filters, three-terminal EMI filters, general purpose EMI devices and surface mount, multilayer ceramic chip capacitors.

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