Syfer's latest EMI chips can replace up to three capacitors

12th December 2005
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Syfer’s balanced line X2Y three terminal chip range provides simultaneous line to line and line to ground filtering using a single ceramic chip. Such a device typically replaces two or three capacitors to deliver both differential and common mode filtering.
These space-saving chip devices all feature extremely low inductance, making them particularly suitable for high speed digital circuits. They are ideal for EMI suppression on balanced lines, twisted pairs and dc motors, in a wide range of automotive, RF, telecoms, sensors and general signal line filtering applications.

The chips are available in various combinations of capacitance values, from 10pF and 5pF up to 1.2uF and 0.6uF, with rated voltages of 25, 50 or 100V, in case sizes from 0805 to 2220.
Meanwhile, Syfer’s E01 range of 3 terminal chips offer improved high frequency filtering performance by suppressing unwanted noise while the signal or dc current passes directly through it, grounding the high frequency element. Both C0G and X7R dielectric types are available, providing capacitance values from 22pF to 200nF. Package sizes are 0805, 1206 and 1806.

For higher current applications, up to 2A, Syfer’s E07 range of 3 terminal EMI chips are suitable for use on dc lines on pcbs. These devices can prevent the radiation of interference from high speed signal line and ICs and also prevent the propagation of high frequency noise on power lines. The capacitance range is from 3.3nF in an 0805 package, through 22nF (1206) to 200nF in the 1806 case size.

Syfer’s Balanced Line X2Y and 3 terminal chip ranges are fully RoHS compliant, and already in volume production. The devices are currently on a six week lead time, and any quantity of devices can be ordered from samples through to high volume, for delivery loose, or taped and reeled for automated assembly systems.

Background Note
Syfer Technology has invested more than £3million in updating its manufacturing lines to increase capacity by 35%, improve quality and reduce costs, leading to more competitive prices to the customer.

Managing Director, John Plaskett comments: “This investment has increased our yield and productivity, and has cut costs to help us maintain and improve competitiveness, as well as further reducing our already short lead-times.” The investment was prompted by significantly increasing demand for three terminal EMI chips in high volume markets including automotive, electronic controls and telecom..

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