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Knowles (UK) Ltd ( formerly Syfer Technology Limited ) is a premier global source for application specific multilayer ceramic capacitors and EMI suppression filters.

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9th August 2016
European Microwave Week 2016 with selection of new products

  Featuring a new range of high temperature Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors, is stand number 178 at European Microwave Week 2016. In 0402, 0603 and 0805 sizes, the ultra-Low ESR and High Q characteristics are available from the Syfer and Novacap brands.

7th July 2016
Electrode system optimised for lowest possible ESR

A new addition to the range of High-Q MLCCs has been released by Knowles Capacitors brand, Syfer. Designated as the “H” series they are manufactured from a very stable, X8G High Q ceramic dielectric to provide Ultra-low ESR, with excellent low loss performance and low power consumption, in high environmental temperature and high frequency systems. They exhibit no ageing effects, with stability under voltage and very low drift.

20th November 2015
Capacitors designed to not drop more than 50% of their cap value

Design engineers looking for capacitors to have a more defined change of capacitance with applied with voltage can now specify the VC1 range from Knowles Capacitors brand, Syfer Technology. This residual capacitance range of X7R MLCCs are designed to not drop more than 50% of their cap value from the 1Vrms 1kHz value, all the way up to full rated DC voltage at room temperature.

8th May 2015
MLCCs offer increased capacitances in unchanged packages

To meet increasing demands from the automotive market, Syfer Technology, a Knowles brand, has improved its offering of AEC-Q200 qualified devices, including MultiLayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs) and EMI filter products. Available from the miniature 0603 size up to the 3640 footprint, MLCCs in C0G and X7R dielectrics are offered with capacitances ranging from 100pF to 4.7µF, with operating voltages from 50VDC to 3kVDC.

21st March 2014
Companies combine to form Knowles Capacitors

A division of Knowles Corporation, Dielectric Laboratories (DLI), Novacap, Syfer Technology and Voltronics have come together into a single organisation: Knowles Capacitors. The new company's head office will be in Norwich, UK, and will be headed up by Howard Ingleson, the previous MD of Syfer Technology.

30th January 2014
Accurately simulate Ultra-Low ESR MLCC performance

Enabling design engineers to accurately simulate the performance of the company’s Ultra-Low ESR series multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) in circuit simulations, Modelithics adds Syfer’s Ultra-Low ESR range to their component modelling library. They are the first addition to Syfer’s Modelithics Component Model Library.

2nd December 2013
New EMI filters catalogue from Syfer

Syfer has announced the release of a new EMI Filters catalogue. Featuring expanded technical information over previous editions, this user-friendly catalogue is an essential read for any design engineer. Newly redesigned, the catalogue includes a Quick Reference Guide to the company’s products and will prove to be an invaluable tool.

18th September 2013
Surface mount pi-filters and EMI filters from Syfer

Manufacturers of electronic equipment for Hi-Rel applications often struggle to meet stringent EMC and safety standards. Syfer Technology, with EPPL listing, has a range of devices appealing particularly to designers in the medical implantable and space sectors as well as industrial, automotive, aerospace and telecom applications.

22nd July 2013
Syfer announce 3A high current 3 terminal EMI chip filters

Syfer Technology have announced a new 3A version of its E07 range of high current 3 terminal EMI chip filters. Suitable for use on DC lines on PCB's, they are designed to reduce electromagnetic interference emanating from high speed signal lines and IC’s, and prevent the propagation of high frequency noise along power lines.

8th May 2013
Syfer makes additions to its UL and TÜV approved range of SMD 250Vac safety capacitors

Syfer Technology has announced a number of additions to its UL and TÜV approved range of SMD 250Vac safety capacitors. To give engineers more scope in their designs, the upper capacitance value has been extended to 33nF.

6th February 2013
Syfer Unveil Tuning Rod Kits To Aid Capacitor Selection For RF Designs

Syfer Technology introduce a set of tuning rod kits created specifically to help RF engineers determine more efficiently and precisely the capacitors they need for their next design. They are classed as design aids and can be supplied free of charge to RF design and test engineers on application. These kits are based on Syfer’s Hi-Q range of capacitors and help speed up the selection of the correct surface mount capacitor for any particular cir...

20th November 2012
Syfer’s High Power EMI Filters Get More Amps

For high power EMI filtering applications, where high current ratings are required, Syfer Technology has announced the SLV range of DC and AC feedthrough capacitors rated at 200A. This complements the extension to the existing SLG range rated at 100A. Typical applications for both ranges are considered to be power supplies, electric vehicles/ plug-in hybrids, radar and military vehicles.

20th November 2012
Syfer unveil chip capacitors for use in MRI scanners

Syfer Technology has announced the availability of an innovative range of leaded non-magnetic, high voltage, chip capacitors suitable for use in MRI scanners. There is a trend in scanning equipment, such as MRI systems, to increase the magnetic field in order to provide higher resolution images.

15th November 2012
StackiCap High CV MLCC Range launched at Electronica 2012

The world-wide launch of Syfer’s latest new product family, set to revolutionise the world of large-size high voltage X7R Multilayer Chip Capacitors, takes place at Electronica 2012 in Munich. Called StackiCap, these X7R devices dramatically increase the maximum capacitance values now possible in larger case sizes and high voltages, thereby delivering the potential to significantly reduce printed circuit board real estate.

7th September 2012
electronica 2012 - 'Pro-active Stance on Passives from Syfer'

Innovation is the theme of UK-based Syfer Technology’s stand at Electronica 2012, with new products dominating the display. Space saving chip capacitors and EMI filters are expecting to attract significant interest among designers, especially in the high voltage, high power sectors.

20th March 2012
Syfer’s ProtectiCaps save on production stage

The latest innovation in multilayer chip capacitors (mlccs) from Syfer Technology is a range of compact devices suitable for high voltage applications, supplied with a built-in protective coating. Typically, with standard high voltage capacitors, a special coating is applied after the devices are soldered onto the board in order to minimise the risk of flashover from one termination on the chip to another.

2nd December 2011
CapCad Take The Catwalk For Capacitor Modelling

Syfer Technology, is a web-based software package designed specifically to help designers select the optimum multilayer capacitor devices for their next design. Called CapCad, the software tool is easy and fast to use, and provides circuit designers with a readily accessible capacitor comparison facility. CapCad™ includes SPICE models with various parameter values that reflect typical performance at the chosen frequencies. Importantly, engine...

27th October 2011
High Capacitance, Low Profile, Panel Mount Capacitors For EMI Filtering

Syfer, has announced the availability of a number of important extensions to its already wide range of solder-in panel mount EMI filters. Advanced in-house research and development has resulted in the introduction of a series of discoidal capacitor versions, which offer the advantage of high capacitance values, up to several microfarads, in a compact and robust package.

4th July 2011
Multilayer chip capacitors - When size is important and stability matters

Selecting the best multilayer chip capacitor (MLCC) for the application can involve difficult trade offs involving stability, capacitance and cost. European passive component manufacturer, Syfer Technology, has introduced a range of devices that increases the choice and reduces compromise.

2nd March 2011
Reassuring reliability for chip capacitors in airborne applications

Selecting multilayer ceramic capacitors for use in onboard aircraft systems has just become much easier, with the announcement from Syfer Technology of a new range of devices designed specifically for these applications. Rated for operation at 115Vac 400Hz, these MLCCs can be supplied in a range of package sizes and capacitance tolerances to suit a number of avionics system requirements.

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