Single phase capacitors designed for long life, low ESR

8th October 2019
Mick Elliott

A capacitor designed specifically for AC harmonic filtering or Power Factor Correction applications has been introduced by distributor New Yorker Electronics. The American Shizuki Capacitors (ASC) HCO/HCG Single Phase AC Filter Capacitor is engineered for input and output filtering in UPS, Motor Drives, LC/LCL Filtering, Wind and Solar Power and other power conversion technologies.

The ASC HC (High Current) single phase capacitors are manufactured with very high quality metallised polypropylene film, designed for long life, low dielectric losses, higher RMS current ratings and low ESR.

There are two types, the HCG is filled with ASC soft gel and the HCO is filled with biodegradable vegetable-based oil. 

Both designs offer excellent thermal conductivity to help reduce internal heating and extend the life of the capacitor. The oil-filled version is mounted upright, while the gel-filled model can be mounted in any position.

Both are covered in aluminum casing and the male terminals (M6 or M8) and the female terminals (M5-M8) are tin plated brass. 

This line of capacitors is also incorporated with internal UL-recognised fusing mechanisms that interrupt when pressure reaches a tested level. The products meet IEC61071, IEC60831 and UL810 standards.

Capacitance range is 17.5μF to 760μF and voltage range is 250Vrms to 1000Vrms.

The temperature Range (operational) is -40°/70°C (custom ratings available) and the temperature Range (storage) -40°/85°C.

The capacitors meets IEC6071, IEC60831 and UL810 standards. 

American Shizuki Capacitors specialises in creating made-to-order solutions for unique applications.

As a franchise distributor for ASC, New Yorker Electronics handles any custom requests for ASC products. They also supply the entire line of ASC’s DC Filters, AC Filters, Snubbers, Traditional Film Capacitors and Metallised Propylene-Protected Dry Caps for HID Lighting.

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