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13th December 2005
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Responding to the increased demand for the compact integration of RF and allied circuitry with high speed digital devices, Murata is offering a wide range of compact SAW resonators and filters for use at higher frequencies.
The filters are suitable for a range of applications in the telecoms, mobile comms and consumer markets, including digital cellular, cordless phone, TV-tuner (analogue), TV-tuner (digital), RKE, RFID and GPS applications.

For RKE applications, operating at 434MHz in Europe and the US, Murata offers a number of devices in the SAFCC433 range with either wide or narrow-band 433.92MHz centre frequency. The narrow bandwidth (3dB) part, for example, is specified at +/-250kHz. Devices feature high selectivity and low loss characteristics.

Designers working on RFID designs will be interested in the SAFCH869 and SAFCH864 filters. The first is a wide bandwidth part (+/-5MHz), featuring high attenuation at the image point. Insertion loss is quoted at 4.5dB maximum at 869MHz (+/-1MHz) centre frequency. The second is also a wide bandwidth (3dB) part, specified at +/-5MHz.

For the GPS arena, Murata has several offerings in the SAFSE1G57 range, with versions featuring low insertion loss, high attenuation, extended temperature range for automotive applications and centre frequencies of 1575.5MHz or 1575.42MHz. A 100 Ohm balanced SAW filter is also available, together with the SAFCC110M IF filter.

SAW resonators for RKE applications come with centre frequencies of 304, 312, 314, 315, 418, 423, 433, 434 or 868MHz. To give typical examples from the range, insertion loss for the 315MHz device is 2.2dB and 2.5dB for the 433MHz part. Low loss versions are available with 303 and 315MHz centre frequencies. For TPMS applications, parts include 315MHz, including a low loss version and 433MHz. Most parts can be selected with a choice of initial tolerance of +/-50kHz, 75kHz or 100kHz.

These resonators are also suitable for a range of allied applications including: data links, wireless security systems, automated meter readers, RFID tags, medical equipment, and sports & performance monitoring devices.

High reliability resonators are available which have undergone stringent environmental and mechanical testing.

Murata’s SAW filters are supplied on reels containing 1000, 2000, 4000, 5000 or 10,000 pieces. Resonators supplied reeled in volumes of 2000, 5000 or 10,000 pieces.

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