RMCW thick film wide termination chip resistor

5th May 2020
Alex Lynn

Industrial and commercial power electronics demand robust power supply performance. When high stability and low thermal resistance are important, standard chip resistors may not be the best solution. RMCW thick film wide termination chip resistors with reverse geometry provide terminations on the long sides of the chip, as opposed to the short side terminal for standard chips.

Long side terminations offer a significant benefit in current handling and thermal resistance which contributes to lower PCB temperatures for a given chip size and power rating. Stackpole's RMCW thick film wide termination chip resistors have now been released for mass production.

The RMCW is available in chip sizes and power ratings as follows:

  • 0612 size rated 0.75W
  • 1020 size rated 1W
  • 1218 size rated 1W
  • 1225 size rated 2W
  • 2030 size rated 3W

The RMCW is available in resistance values from one ohm to 10M in one percent and five percent tolerances. Applications include power management, battery charging, motor controls, industrial machinery, appliances.

Pricing varies with tolerance and resistance value and ranges from $0.016 to $0.115 each in full reel quantities.

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