RC Networks absorb spark discharges and induced noise

28th May 2020
Mick Elliott

The complete series of Electrocube RC Networks ‘Arc-Suppressing’ Resistor-Capacitor (RC) Circuits is on sale at distributor New Yorker Electronics.

Used in networks for industries from automated manufacturing to escalators, the RC devices are currently in worldwide demand for their applications in telecommunications. The circuits, also known as resistors, resistor-capacitors or RC filters, the devices are uniquely designed to substantially minimise or even eliminate the occurrence of arcing and noise generations in relay and switch contacts.

Useful in gaining remote network access, the series is available in four types: single-phase resistors, single-phase heavy duty RC filters, three-phase resistor-capacitors and three-phase heavy duty RC Networks.

These arc-suppressing networks are made from dielectric material to deliver maximum strength for withstanding voltage (voltage withstand strength).

Arc suppressing resistor-capacitor (RC) networks consist of specially designed precision capacitors and resistors connected in a series.

Spark discharges and induced noise are absorbed over a wide range by the accumulation characteristic and impedance of the capacitor, while the RC time constant delays and averages surge voltage and oscillations.

Featuring a wide selection of case configurations with a number of leads, Electrocube RC networks are manufactured both off-the-shelf and custom designed for single- or three-phase applications from one to 40 networks in a container.

Thousands of unique suppression designs eliminate surges produced by relays and solenoids.

To store surge voltages and current energy and afford protection against inductively induced potentials, RC Networks are made with a high degree of voltage withstand strength, are non-inductive types to ensure a high degree of protection against pulse potentials and are packaged in cases, which meet or exceed the flammability requirements of UL94VO.

With an Electrocube RC Network Substitution Box, the operator selects and matches various combinations of resistors and capacitors to optimise spike reduction and/or reduce EMI levels.

Once the combination is determined, Electrocube RC Networks reference codes provide the proper RC Networks device based on RC value results.

Features & Benefits includeSingle-to-multiple combination, metal cans and epoxy cases and solid and stranded wire leads with varying length and terminations.

DIN Rail and CE versions are available. The products meet environmental and governmental compliance.

Applicationscover machine tools; switchgear; motor controllers; computers; telecommunications; automated equipment; industrial appliances and elevators and escalators.

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