Power capacitors offer 50Hz with 60Hz options

21st May 2020
Mick Elliott

The RG-2 Series of Metallised Propylene Low-Voltage Film Capacitors is in stock at New Yorker Electronics.

This top-of-the-line capacitor series from APC Capacitors is designed for improved power factor correction and voltage regulation on low-voltage AC power systems.

These highly reliable devices are constructed in voltages from 230V to 525V.

Standard RG-2 capacitors are 50Hz with 60Hz options also available.

The standard units are three-phase with delta coil connections; one-phase versions are also available.

The components are manufactured with specially process metallised polypropylene film, impregnated with non-toxic, non-PCB oil.

They are typically designed to suit, with mounting vertically with the bushings on top.

To extend its maintenance-free life, the devices are coated with non-corrosive polyurethane resin enamel in Munsell colour rotation 5Y7/1.

The series meets the latest requirements of IEC 60831-1 and JIS C 4901.

The new device joins two other ASC Capacitor low/medium voltage products.

The ASC LV-6 is a series of medium-voltage power capacitors. The LV-6 Factor Correction Capacitor employs plastic film only, for superior dielectric strength.

The oil-filled capacitors utilise proprietary electrodes to achieve extremely low loss (as low as approximately 1/3 of conventional ASC capacitors) and a significantly high allowable current.

LRB-3 Low Voltage Series Reactors Type is a 50Hz three-phase reactor designed to resolve harmonic issues.

By reducing the inrush current from power sources or energised parallel capacitors, the reactors protect capacitors from harmonics.

With a 6% reactance (I5=35%) and an insulation class up to 155°C, the LRB-3 reactor device is available in 210VAC and 400VAC withstanding options.

American Shizuki Capacitors specialises in creating made-to-order solutions for unique applications.

As a franchise distributor for ASC, New Yorker Electronics handles any custom requests for ASC products.

The distributor also supplies the entire line of ASC’s DC Filters, AC Filters, Snubbers, Traditional Film Capacitors and Metallised Propylene-Protected Dry Caps for HID Lighting.


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