Murata’s environmentally-friendly tape packaging for ultra-small 01005 chip capacitors is said to be 90% cleaner

22nd April 2008
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Murata’s GRM02 series of 01005 chip capacitors is now available in W4P1 plastic tape packaging. This new tape is 4mm wide and has a pitch of 0.1mm, saving around 75% of the volume of packaging material waste compared to the previous tape packaging. As the new tape is plastic, it reduces the amount of fluff and dust produced by at least 90% over the old paper tape. Class 1000 clean mounting processes can now be applied to the GRM02 series, so that more applications can take advantage of the series’ low ESR, low ESL and ultra-small size.
Narrower tape width means the reels are 52% thinner, saving storage space. The new tape improves reliability of component pickup because the surface of the interior wall of the cavity is smooth, improving clearance of the cavity. The 90% reduction in dust produced avoids blocking the suction nozzle during the mounting process. The plastic material also promotes cavity stability and minimises electrostatic discharge, a problem that occurred in the past when peeling off the cover tape.

The GRM02 series’ dimensions are 0.4 x 0.2 x 0.2mm, making it suitable for any application where saving mounting space is a necessity. Because of its low ESR of less than 0.1Ohms, this series can be used to improve circuit performance in high frequency applications such as mobile phones and PDAs, and communication modules.

The GRM02 series is available in wide capacitance ranges of 0.1pF up to 100pF (C0G dielectric) or up to 10nF (X5R dielectric).

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